Sharing the love of Jesus with the people of Scotland's capital city.

Edinburgh City Mission is an urban mission involved in outreach to people most in need in our city, through practical Christianity (feeding the hungry), sharing of the gospel, and serving the church.

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Financially, Edinburgh City Mission is entirely dependent on the freewill giving of individual people and churches. We are not funded by government or council funds. We rely on the generosity of individuals.

We are happy to receive one-off donations, but we truly benefit from regular monthly giving. This way we can plan, budget, and invest in the future.

We are grateful to everyone who has generously supported in the past and welcome new contributors.

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Edinburgh City Mission has great connections with many Churches, organisations and Christian individuals in Edinburgh and further afield.

We love to speak of what God has done through the evangelistic ministries, to feedback to those who pray or support us in so many ways, and to broaden awareness of the mission.

Choose from a 10 minute feature slot or up to a whole service, whatever suits your program, please please don't hesitate to get in touch via our form on this page. 

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Volunteering enables you to give and receive in ways that are far more valuable than money. Giving of your time, no matter how little you have to offer, can impact your community and make a radical difference in the lives of others. 

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Sally's Story

Sally’s (name changed) story might be hard for you to imagine, but sadly her story might be all too familiar to a lot of people in our city. The future is hopeful in Sally‘s story and with your support we can help more people to have hope despite their circumstances.

Sally was referred to us during her DTTO - a court order aimed at assisting offenders to reduce their drug use and related offending. This involved giving ‘clean’ samples when tested for drugs and actively engaging with drug treatment. Keeping busy has been recognised as an effective drug ‘treatment’ and having a coffee with a missionary was a welcome distraction.  As time went by Sally started to see the power of prayer.

Staying ‘clean’ at the homeless hostel was a trial. The mission continued to pray for her and with her and we included her prayer requests, anonymously, in our emails to our faithful supporters.

The day that Sally had her final court appearance to come off her DTTO she asked one of our missionaries to ‘buddy’ her to court and to go for a celebratory coffee afterwards. In contrast to this, a neighbour at the hostel offered her a ‘crack pipe’ before court because; “they won’t test you anymore.”  Sally had new strength though, could see things more clearly and knew how the drug scene worked. This is the harsh reality and we need to trust that God can break into every situation.

Our job is to show people Jesus’ love and to remain faithful. It is amazing news that we can celebrate our faithfulness in this story. Despite the barriers to recovery, Sally has managed to remain free from addiction after her DTTO finished. She continues to connect with the Mission and engage with the good news of the bible. 

Darryl's Story

Darryl (name changed) found it difficult to tell his story and when we first met him, we were all in tears. He never knew his dad and his mum didn’t want him. He’d been charged for shoplifting when he was young and, due to a criminal record, he lost his job. His unemployment caused his relationship to breakdown and that also meant he lost his son.

When Darryl was at his lowest there was someone in his community who invited him into their home. They promised him comfort, and they offered it freely…at first.  Sadly what they gave him was his first experience of heroin. It didn’t take long before he became dependent on drugs and in debt to those people.

When Darryl told us his story in a church outreach, he said what we were thinking: “It was evil, heroin is evil.” Darryl showed an interest in the bible and when a missionary was talking about the narrow gate and the wide gate (Matt 7:13-14) he was animated. He could see that the destructive things were easy to access but he knew he needed to aim for the narrow gate.

The scriptures came to life for us too. Sometimes it must be hard to see the narrow gates in parts of this city.

Edinburgh City Mission has a heart to partner with church plants in areas that are least reached. We want to see mission houses where people like Darryl can be welcomed into a lifestyle with Jesus at the centre, and for any dependencies to be replaced by Christ alone and to see their broken stories re-written by His Grace.  If you have a heart for this too, please see how you can help.

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…I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

“…I have come…”

John 10:10 (NIV)

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Edinburgh City Mission

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