The day the All Blacks beat Scotland. The day I moved home. Both fairly common events. Having grown up living in Scotland, France, Chad and Tanzania I am adept at packing a suitcase. My last job had me living on the East African coast working at an international school doing their communications and recruitment. This time, moving means that I get to call the beautiful and diverse city of Edinburgh home, a random bucket list item. And what better day to move than when Scotland are playing Rugby at Murrayfield, the drive down was coloured with Scottish flags and the city itself felt excitabubble, despite already being resigned to their fate. Edinburgh - I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

This week I joined Edinburgh City Mission to help with their marketing. Edinburgh City Mission is a growing Christian charity that stimulates and strengthens Edinburgh's churches in mission. Connected with different projects throughout the city, the mission has grown since it was first started in 1832, but the vision it was originally established on remains prevalent in all they do today; to see the most needy people of Edinburgh experiencing God’s love and hearing the amazing gospel. Part of my role will involve this blog, which will follow me as I explore, settle, meet new faces and visit new places.

Week 1 has already been full of new information. It was fun to be at a supporters event on my first day and learn more about the food banks that run throughout the city. I’ve since got a large map out and, with the help of the friendly folk in the office, covered it in post-it notes so I look less gormless when people tell me where they volunteer.

Each day I walk home and, mostly unintentionally, I end up going a different route and finding new streets and areas. In all my walking, with my terrible sense of geographical direction, I’ve been contemplating Micah 6:8; ‘And what does the Lord require of you; to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God’. For me this will always be reassuring but especially when starting something new - we are not required to sprint we are not even required to jog, we are required to just walk. To take it all in and learn at a steady pace. I am excited to get to be part of a Mission that seeks to act justly and love mercy in all that it does, but I am also thankful for the opportunity to walk with my God into a new chapter of my life and see what it holds.


By Naomi S

Edinburgh City Mission

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