New Year Resolutions anyone? How many of you have been to the gym... once? How many have since decided that you’re happy giving up on that New Year resolution? Apparently one study found that we are more likely to hold to a New Year resolution than a decision we decide to keep at any other time of the year... but my track record would skew the statistics.

For Edinburgh City Mission, it’s not so much a new resolution but more of a continued commitment to hold to our Vision: “To see the most needy people of Edinburgh experiencing God’s love and hear the amazing gospel.” To help us to hold to this we have what’s called ‘The Mission Initiative’;  our goal to see the number of staff on the ground, increase. As 2018 starts we’ve launched into this with enthusiasm, with 3 new Mission Strengthener roles. These jobs are designed to build relationships as we seek to strengthen the churches of Edinburgh. We hope you will join us at our CEO’s Commissioning and at our Conference to meet these new Mission Strengtheners, and get excited for mission in this city.  The Conference will look at what mission is and why we should be restless for mission. We want to challenge you to think about why, as Christians, mission is important in our everyday lives; catching the vision from others, being inspired by hearing of what God is already doing and leaving with a restless desire to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

In Googling New Year resolutions, seeking inspiration for some witty new resolution to use when people ask, one of the recurring resolutions - not very witty, but still - was to volunteer with a charity. At Edinburgh City Mission our motivation for doing what we do means that our heart is to be led by the Holy Spirit, to be Jesus' hands and feet in our city. If you decide to do some charity work this year, maybe consider why you’re doing it... and if you find a good enough reason it will make it easier to hold to it, not just for this year...


By Naomi S

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