Are you looking to get involved with the work of Edinburgh City Mission? Below are some of the ways in which you can volunteer. See anything that suits you? We would love to hear from you!



We have a network of nine Foodbanks+ across the city, each open on one weekday morning per week. Due to the government measures, some of our volunteers have had to stop volunteering and so we need new volunteers to help who are in sympathy with our values and committed to maintaining high standards. 

Soul Food

In October 2019 we launched a weekly Soul Food meal at the City of Edinburgh Methodist Church in Nicolson Square. Every Monday evening we will offer hospitality to the homeless people in our city. We will set a table, cook a meal and go into the streets of Edinburgh to invite our neighbours to dinner.

We are blessed to have enough volunteers who come along each week and help us with laying tables, welcoming our guests and clearing out, but we are looking for people who love cooking and and would help us to provide amazing meals for Soul Food.  

The Storehouse

We opened a new food storage and distribution centre in Sighthill in March 2020 in response to the lockdown and to cope with an anticipated increase in useage of our Foodbanks+. Our referrals increased by 11% in 2020 and have increased by a further 11% in 2021. The food storage centre is open for drop-off from 3pm - 4pm, Monday to Thursday. 

We need drivers to deliver food from the Storage Centre to the Foodbanks.  

Gap Year

Our Gap Year programme is new. We are all about strengthening local churches, and you could be part of it - in Edinburgh - in your gap year. We will customise your year so you can get involved in mission activities which reflect your interests and concerns. We will provide an opportunity for reflective learning through one-to-one support.


If you would like some more information, please email

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Polish Speaking Outreach worker

We are looking for a Polish Speaking volunteer to join our team at Newington Foodbank+

Find the Role description and Application form below.

To apply please email your Application form to with the subject Polish Speaker Volunteer Application. We look forward to hearing from you!

Description Apply
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Our volunteer Rosie

"Having taken early retirement 3 years ago, I moved to a new city to help support a church plant, North Edinburgh RP Church. Volunteering at the Basics Bank on Tuesday mornings has been great for me. It helps give structure to my week. I get the opportunity to meet up with people from the local community over a cuppa, to chat, listen and build friendships.

During many Tuesday mornings I’ve had the opportunity to share the gospel, give an invitation to church and speak of my own personal faith and walk with God.

What a privilege it is to be able to do this. Volunteering with Edinburgh City Mission in this project not only helps physically, with food, which is vital to people in crisis, but also allows for the provision of spiritual food, which is for eternity. The gift of the gospel has no sell by or best before date."

Patsy our volunteer

Patsy recalls her thoughts from when the Basics Bank in Portobello was about to open. “It doesn’t come easy to me”, Patsy had said, when she was thinking about talking to people; “But I wanted to help so I suggested I could make the teas!”

We laugh about this now because Patsy is most at home talking to people who arrive for help and hearing their stories. Some stories are hard to take; from broken relationships to a sense of helplessness but Patsy brings compassion, honesty, and humour because she wants to see justice and breakthrough in people’s lives.

Patsy would not consider herself a natural evangelist and of course it is not a requirement of our volunteers. When you work in a mission environment it’s wonderful to see how we are given opportunities to share our story and the love we have found in Jesus. Patsy was being interviewed by a group of Portobello High School students about the Basics Bank and they asked her simply why she helped. She admitted that at first she hesitated in saying it was “because of I’m a Christian”, but in the end it was the truth and it was the answer she gave.

Edinburgh City Mission, in partnership with churches, gives people like Patsy the opportunity to practice what gets preached; love thy neighbour. In Edinburgh we can see that there are many people in need. It is terrible to think that people can’t afford the basics in our rich city but we do have hope for our community and can put that hope into action.

Derek tells us about volunteering

"I have helped out at the foodbank run by Edinburgh city mission at a church in Leith for the last three years. It's a real blessing working with the other volunteers that have the same desire to not only help out with food but to take every opportunity to share the gospel. This leads us often to listen to some heartbreaking stories but just to give a listening ear can make all the difference to someone who is struggling in life.  Our prayer is that in pointing them to Jesus that they will come to know him as their own personal saviour, the only one who can bring hope in the midst of despair."

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Edinburgh City Mission will only contact you in relation to what you have signed up to. If at any point you would like to change your details or be taken off the mailing list please contact us at or 0131 225 9445.

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"Is it not a time to share your food with the hungry, and bring the poor man into your house who has no home of his own? Is it not a time to give clothes to the person you see who has no clothes, and a time not to hide yourself from your own family? Then your light will break out like the early morning, and you will soon be healed. Your right and good works will go before you. And the shining-greatness of the Lord will keep watch behind you."

"...Your right and good works will go before you..."

Isaiah 58:7-8 (NLV)

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