Refer an individual/family

This application form is designed for professionals or practitioners only who wish to refer families or individuals for food support at an Edinburgh City Mission Basics Bank. Our food banks provide a referral only service, if you require emergency food without a referral, please follow this link.

Is this your first time referring to an Edinburgh City Mission Basics Bank? That's great! You can still use this form right away to refer someone, just also make sure you fill in the drop down section at the bottom of the form for new referrers. Then we willl be in touch. 

  • You have asked the client's permission to share their information with Edinburgh City Mission. Scottish Charity Registration Number SCO12385
  • They have understood that the information being shared will only be used to best facilitate them using one of Edinburgh City Mission’s Basics Banks. Information will only be shared with relevant staff members and Basics Banks volunteers who will treat any information shared with respect and confidentiality.
  • Edinburgh City Mission will store the information for future reference and for anonymous statistics to monitor and better improve the resources we provide
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Basics Bank Referral Form

Please note this is only an application form, while almost all applications are approved, your client/the service user will require a confirmation email as evidence to present at the Basics Bank, this ensures that applications are not falsified. Confirmation emails will be supplied only to the referrer's work email address, (supplied on the application form) and it is the responsibility of the referrer to print this confirmation and supply it to their client/ the service user prior to attending a Basics Bank. Confirmation emails will be generated within 24 hours Monday to Friday. 

Please check that all details are correct before submitting the form and ensure that all key information is complete and accurate, in particular contact details such as names and referrer email address as confirmation will be supplied via email. We can only respond to work email addresses, email accounts such as @gmail are not appropriate for online referral application 

This system of referral has a high level of information security…If you would like more information you can read up on SSL here

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